Success Story - Callum Cochrane

Callum Cochrane found out about the apprenticeship programme through his grandfather who encouraged him to apply to the programme. Unfortunately, the first time he applied he missed the application date. So he went to Bedford college to do a one-year engineering diploma where he gained valuable transferable skills, which set him up for a successful application to Marshall Aerospace.

Originally, Callum dreamed of becoming a pilot in the RAF but, due to a change in circumstance, he decided to focus on a career in aircraft maintenance instead. Callum has nearly completed his apprenticeship, so he now works on aircraft full-time doing airframe and engine maintenance and repair work such as removing landing gear, changing structural components, fitting engines and climbing inside fuel tanks. Callum said that he has become used to working in tight spaces that smell of fuel.

Callum had the opportunity to go gliding with Air League this year when a school group dropped out at the last minute of a charity day so, some of our apprentices were invited to take their place. Callum was lucky enough to go up twice and he thoroughly enjoyed the day. His first flight lasted around 40 min and then he was the last one to go up on the second flight, which was piloted by a Ryan Air instructor and that flight lasted nearly 2 hours. They flew from Cambourne to Cambridge to Duxford, back to Cambourne to Bedfordshire and back to Cambridge. The pilot was highly skilled at catching the thermals that help the glider regain altitude.

Although Callum has many expensive hobbies including mountain biking, motor biking and cars, he would love to gain his private pilots licence in future.

Callum has many fond memories of his time in the training centre with Keirron Mascall, Robin Lipscome and Dave Chapman. He descibed them all as legends and he is greatful for everything that they taught him. In future, Callum hopes to complete his B licence modules and become a licenced technitian.

"My apprenticeship at Marshall has given me the skills and confidence to further my career while working alongside expert engineers. Having the opportunity to have hands-on experience and classroom learning while also earning a wage has been brilliant." - Callum Cochrane