Marshall finds the right place for Mark Hepworth

Marshall finds the right place for Mark Hepworth

“I’ve always kept my eye on Marshall,” explains Mark Hepworth. “They have a good base in the UK. Whenever I researched them, I always got good vibes.”

Since January 2024, Mark has been happily settled in his role as a Production Planner after a diverse and exciting career – but a false start last year left him doubting whether joining Marshall was really on the cards.

Mark kicked off his career in the world of sports, working as a physiotherapist for the Arsenal, Millwall and Chelsea youth football teams. He enjoyed the experience, but was unsure if he wanted to continue sports therapy as a career. “I was young. I didn’t really know if I wanted to set up a physio business at that time in my life,” he explains.

Mark’s friend then suggested he join the British Army. “It was something I had never thought about doing,” Mark says. “I then spent two years getting fit before signing up in January 2017.”

Mark worked as an Avionics Technician for the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) at Wattisham Airfield, maintaining and repairing avionics equipment for the Apache Model E aircraft. “I had the best time in the army,” Mark says, but after seven years, he decided it was time to move on.

In March 2023, Mark interviewed for a position at Marshall, but ultimately was not made an offer.

During a careers fair visit just a few months later, Mark spotted Marshall and struck up a conversation with Head of Operational Excellence Steven Ward. “Steve explained to me that the job I interviewed for wasn’t right for me, and recommended me for a different job instead,” Mark explains.

“I had a mini interview then and there. I was then invited to a proper interview at the end of August. That same day I found out I got the job. Everything moved so fast!”

The rest is history.

Mark was unable to start at Marshall until the following year due to Army regulations, but was impressed by Marshall’s attitude towards this: “I thought it was really cool that Marshall were prepared to wait that long for me to start.”

As Production Planner, Mark is tasked with writing and completing any paperwork that goes with an aircraft, working closely alongside technicians. “A lot of work I did in the Army is applicable to this role and it’s a similar working environment, which made the transition from military to civilian much easier,” Mark says. “However, I’m used to being on the aircraft, not telling people what to do on it! It’s also great to be around the C-130s. They are different to the Apaches I’ve worked on, but I’m very impressed by them.”

Reflecting on leaving the Army, Mark remarks that “joining Marshall was the right career step.’’