Vehicle and platform integration

Vehicle and platform integration

Marshall has decades of experience designing, developing and integrating complex sub-systems into a wide range of platforms, including land vehicles and other base structures.

From one-off modifications to fleetwide projects, we work with prime contractors, OEMs and end customers to deliver specialist and bespoke systems that fully meet exacting specifications and regulatory requirements, as well as delivering through-life support on systems.

We consult with targeted partners to select, validate and install sub-systems and technologies, applying meticulous attention to detail and rigorous project management to ensure that all technical, cost and programmatic considerations are accounted for.

Some of our vehicle partners to date include Mercedes, Scania, Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV), Mack Defence, IVECO, Thales, Force Protection and Renault.


Marshall offers a range of advanced solutions designed to support defence forces around the globe in transporting essential equipment, personnel and supplies over land.

Containerised infrastructure

Marshall has been selected as preferred bidder for Canada’s flagship Logistics Vehicle Modernization (LVM) project, alongside General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada (GDLS-Canada) and other members of the Power Team.

The LVM project will deliver the replacement for the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) existing fleet of logistics vehicles, which can be used to transfer resources, personnel and military assets during domestic and international operations and training exercises.

With GDLS-Canada serving as prime integrator, Marshall will produce a range of interchangeable containerised mission modules capable of being mounted onto Mercedes-Benz Zetros trucks, which will provide the common vehicle chassis across all configurations.

Thanks to the high degree of commonality across the Power Team’s offering, the Canadian government will benefit from significantly lower operations cost and logistics footprint due to efficiencies in training, maintenance, spare parts, tools, warehousing, shipping and inventory management, technical manuals and more.

Learn more about the Power Team.

Load beds

Marshall supplies vehicle load beds for on-road, off-road and cross-country military and specialist applications where low load stress and optimal chassis performance are of critical importance.

Building on significant investment in advanced production techniques including robotic welding and e-dipping, our products range from conventional standard or lightweight low torsion systems through to state-of-the-art zero torsion and skeletal load beds.

We have a proven track record of supplying load beds for long term projects and Urgent Operational Requirements (UOR) alike. Major past projects include short lead time production and delivery for the UK Wolfhound programme, the supply of 6,700 load beds to the UK Ministry of Defence covering over 700 load cases, and the provision of more than 800 load beds to Mack Defense under contract from the Canadian Armed Forces (including cargo, cargo and crane, gun towing and repair truck variants).

Flat racks

Marshall is also positioned at the forefront of flat rack design and manufacture, providing systems that are hook-loadable, compact, lightweight and highly customisable. To date, we have delivered over 9,000 flat beds compatible with the UK’s Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System (DROPS).

Through the pre loading and storage of our flat rack solutions, we have significantly enhanced the effectiveness, efficiency and agility of our customers’ logistical operations.

Explosive ordnance disposal

Marshall has a long history of modifying vehicles to meet the exacting requirements of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) missions, supporting military and civilian personnel in high threat environments.

Our designs meet detailed STANAG criteria, protecting both crew cabins and shelter working areas against ballistic and blast threats, as well as secondary hazards from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Our internal shelter construction designs minimise secondary explosions and fires from fuel, ammunition and explosives.

In addition to extensive vehicle modifications and development of bespoke structures, we specialise in installing, upgrading and overhauling specialist subsystems and equipment including bomb suits, X-ray scanners and remote control vehicles (RCVs).

As part of the UK Ministry of Defence’s £60 million GASKET Three fleet programme, Marshall has been leading the development and delivery of a new generation of 120 EOD and electronic countermeasure (ECM) vehicles for the British Army.

Replacing the aging Wedgewood vehicle fleet, our eight vehicle variants incorporate the latest technologies onto a more reliable vehicle platform, covering all operational situations throughout the UK, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, and Gibraltar.

Ground based air defence

Marshall develops and produces vehicle-mountable solutions for deployment of defensive missile systems.

Our integrated systems are robust enough to protect the most advanced equipment from the rigours of military transport on land and in the air, and their modular design allows for rapid reconfiguration to suit changing deployment needs.

We are proud to have been selected to provide the container systems housing the Fire Distribution Centre for KONGSBERG’s National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS).

“We selected Marshall because of their competitive prices, their high standards of design and manufacture, speed of response and willingness to work collaboratively with KONGSBERG.
“We look forward to working with them on this contract and delivering the highest quality solution to our customer.”

Kjetil Myhra

Executive Vice President, KONGSBERG
  • Key features of our ground-based air defence systems:
    • EMI shielding
    • Operational from -46 deg.C to +55 deg.C
    • Full HVAC system installed
    • CBRN protection
    • On-board power generation
    • Integrated system in readiness for customer equipment
    • Modularity for NATO interoperability


Marshall has successfully delivered cost-effective state-of-the-art training simulators for a wide range of vehicle platforms and use cases, providing solutions that allow many people to be trained simultaneously in a controlled and safe environment without sacrificing quality of learning.

Examples of simulator contracts we have delivered include:

  • General Dynamics Ajax vehicle
  • Thales Watchkeeper UAV Ground Control Station and BAE Viking vehicle
  • GKN Warrior OPV
  • BAE Jackal
  • Field hospital casualty flow and performance simulation
  • Lockheed Martin Hercules C-130 and Airbus A400M Atlas

Case study - Ajax driver simulator

Drawing on our well-established system designs and manufacturing techniques, Marshall delivered 28 functioning cabins and display systems for the British Army in support of the Ajax vehicle training needs analysis. Our solution included installation of contractor-furnished equipment and the design and manufacture of simulator cabins, screens, gantries, power distribution, cabin CPUs, and supporting base-plates.

View our Ajax driver simulator case study

Through-life support

Our aim is to provide the highest possible availability of equipment and flexibility of resource through long-term relationships with our customers, combining comprehensive support and expertise.

Our through-life support capabilities include post-design services, integrated logistics support, whole fleet management, training, repair, maintenance and overhaul, reconfiguration, refurbishment, sustainment, mid-life upgrades, spares and obsolescence.

As a result of working with stakeholders as early as possible within the program lifecycle, we identify exactly which elements within a support solutions envelope are most appropriate to our customers’ requirements.

Our experience with our own complex solutions is transferable to externally produced equipment. We understand the design, build and structure of equipment, and through a process of stripping down, refurbishment, rewiring and redesign we are able to re-role, regenerate and refurbish ageing assets to a new standard.

Learn more about our through-life support

Supply chain management

We manage the global supply chain for our vehicle and platform integration projects, leveraging our long-term relationships with equipment and material OEMs to provide the required expertise at the right time in the right place.

Our supply chain processes are audited to exacting industry standards and our extensive knowledge of export regulations, including ITAR, helps ensure we maintain a compliant, sustainable and socially responsible procurement process.

Our warehouse team undertakes all goods receipts, inspection, storage and handling of parts, including dangerous goods.

Skills and training

We are proud of our award-winning apprenticeship scheme that has enabled more than 21,000 people to launch their careers over the years, and are committed to leading the industry in addressing the severe global skills shortage.

Building on the strength of our reputation in this area, Marshall delivers apprenticeships for businesses across the aviation and engineering sectors as well as in-house for our own operations. In addition to apprenticeships, we provide a comprehensive range of technical, regulatory and health and safety training programmes to the civil and military aviation industry.

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