Since starting life over a century ago as the brainchild of a former kitchen apprentice in a Cambridge garage, Marshall has grown into a diverse group of international companies - all sharing the same forward-thinking spirit, inherent desire to do the right thing, and shared purpose of successfully solving problems that others walk away from.

Since 1909 we have played a role in two World Wars, the Olympics, Concorde, Formula 1, James Bond films and even the space race.

All these episodes - and a great many more - have been brought to life through a website that tells Marshall’s extraordinary story through a compelling and accessible blend of archive imagery and meticulously curated insights.

Demonstrating just how much can happen in 114 years (and hinting at what the future holds for Marshall), our history site sheds light on stories of wartime perseverance, peacetime innovation, breakthroughs for female aviators, feats of athletics, royal visits, the advent of motorisation, and the “shrinking” of the world brought by international travel.

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