Deployable infrastructure

Deployable infrastructure

Marshall’s deployable infrastructure products are designed and built to support a broad range of military, humanitarian and civilian missions in even the most extreme operating environments.

We are proud to have partnered with industry leaders including Leonardo, Saab, Kongsberg and Thales to provide our products to armed forces representing the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, France, Australia, NATO and many others.

All our containers are designed for mobility: in addition to being transportable by air, sea, road and rail, they can be stacked in accordance with ISO 1496 specifications for ease of storage and movement, and are rapidly deployable once on site.

Built from Marshall’s highly standardised design principles, our containers offer a wide range of size and equipment choices during initial configuration, while their modular design supports rapid reconfiguration and greatly reduces the complexity of maintenance and repairs in the field.

All our containers are CSC certified, comply with standards in the most highly regulated markets, and have a baseline 20-year service life that can be extended through our overhaul programmes.

Core capabilities shared across our deployable infrastructure range include:

  • Environmental control

    Every Marshall container can be fitted with a range of environmental control systems, making it possible to maintain the internal workspace environment of the container at precise levels of temperature and humidity.

    • Baseline containers fully operational in NATO climate conditions A1 (49C) through C1 (-32C)
    • Supported range of climate conditions can be optionally extended to -51C to +55C
    • Optional CBRN filtration
    • Resistant to salt corrosion and driving rain
    • Able to withstand gusts of 180kph while in storage and 108kph while operating
    • Capable of handling snow load of up to 370kg/m² (75lb/ft²) on roof
    • Fully operational in sand abrasion environments
  • Power input and distribution

    Depending on operational requirements, our range of containers can be supplied with the latest energy and power solutions technologies. Our engineers fully review all selected options for resilience and power adequacy.

    We also provide consultancy in assessing and strategically reducing the energy consumption of containers, and can offer the latest SMART developments and technologies for power management, including:

    • Mains, solar and hybrid power generation and supply
    • Microgrids coupled with a range of generators for networked power distribution
    • Advanced energy storage technology
    • Sustainable fuels

    For more information about our land and sea power solutions, click here.

  • Optional furnishings and equipment

    Alongside offering various electrical, structural, environmental and safety features within our deployable infrastructure, we can recommend a series of optional furnishings and equipment appropriate for our customer requirements.

    These include:

    • Cabinets
    • Drawers and compartments
    • Vertical storage systems
    • Workstations and benches
    • Shelving
    • Tool storage
    • Safety equipment
    • TV screens and monitors
    • Server racks
  • Modular wall-mount system (MWS)

    MWS is a means of fitting equipment to container floors, walls, and ceilings.

    The system provides the user with complete flexibility to change installed equipment type and configuration throughout the life of the unit.

  • Door and escape hatch

    Our container doors and escape hatches are manufactured to exactly the same insulated sandwich panel specification as our walls, roofs and floors. Door and hatch design is a proven standard that incorporates weather seals, EMI screening gaskets (if required), and internal lock releases which allow exit from the unit when a padlock is fitted on the exterior.

Base platforms

Marshall’s base platforms are manufactured to the highest specifications to ensure maximum longevity, low maintenance and, most importantly, vital protection for people and assets.

Base platforms are available in 10ft, 20ft or expandable sizes and come with a catalogue of options to allow easy configuration in line with budget and operational requirements.

All base platform configurations include the same range of standard certified safety systems, including emergency lighting, smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection and fire extinguishing equipment.

Core infrastructure

Within our core infrastructure lineup, we offer a range of products to meet general-purpose needs and operations.

  • Maintenance workshops

    Commonly deployed to support armed forces engineers, our maintenance workshops can be fitted with lathes, milling machines, pillar drills, grinders, work benches, de-greasing sinks and a variety of tool storage options.

    Regardless of configuration, all maintenance workshop products are operable when mounted on a support vehicle, feature external/internal hoists for handling loads, are EMI-screened to prevent interference with vehicle cab radio systems, and offer air conditioning and fume ventilation for a healthy and safe work environment.

    Configurations include:

    • Light workshop
    • Technicians workshop
    • Optics repair workshop
    • Armament repair workshop
    • Heavy duty repair Workshop
    • Additive manufacturing facility
    • Portable tyre repair facility
    • Power pack repair facility
  • Accommodation

    Our deployable accommodation shelters offer a safe, comfortable and protected environment for personnel to use as living quarters, lavatories and workspaces.

  • Office workspaces

    Our deployable office workspaces provide an environmentally controlled, safe working space for personnel to carry out their duties in a mobile and secure way in the most challenging environments.


We provide a complete range of Role 1 & Role 2 medical infrastructure products designed specifically for rapid deployment by specialist and non-specialist personnel.

Our medical product line is standardised and modular in design, making all products configurable to unique and changing needs. They are easy to transport, quick to construct and commission, and can operate as simple extensions of a complete field hospital.

The core products within our medical lineup include laboratories and storage, while we also offer an advanced CT scanner among our premium products.

  • Medical laboratory

    Our containerised medical laboratories support a range of requirements including:

    • Forensic investigations
    • Medical testing
    • DNA testing and analysis
    • Fluid analysis

    Our award-winning clean room module environments are certifiable to ISO 17025 standards and incorporate internal airlocks, gowning areas, temperature-controlled clean rooms, air filtration, and DNA analysis workstations.

    The DNA laboratory can be a standalone system or can be connected to other laboratories.

  • Medical storage

    Medical storage containers provide a safe, controlled and protected environment for the safe storage and transportation of pharmaceuticals and personnel.

  • Advanced containerised CT scanner (ACCTS)

    Since 2009, Marshall and Philips Healthcare have worked together under an exclusive collaborative agreement to design and manufacture world-leading field deployable CT scanning systems for use in humanitarian and defence environments around the world.

    Our patented containerised CT scanners have been exceptionally well-received within a variety of NATO countries for their ability to enable deployed surgeons to quickly and accurately diagnose trauma in severely injured patients.

    Several product development cycles and millions of pounds in investment have led to the current Advanced Containerised CT Scanner (ACCTS). Housed inside Marshall’s award-winning 20ft upgraded ISO expanding container, ACCTS offers the latest Philips Incisive CT 128 technology, enabling full body scanning with the world’s most advanced imaging capabilities in the field – and doing so more affordably and efficiently than ever.

    Combining mobility, flexibility and modularity, ACCTS has been designed to provide a ruggedised solution with patented shock and vibration mounting to withstand all modes of transportation (including by air). Once on site, the container can be deployed in just 8 hours.

    The design is compliant with health care design and ergonomic standards for ease of operation and optimum patient throughput, with the addition of approved radiological screening to protect patient and personnel.

    View the full ACCTS spec sheet

Ammunition and hazardous storage

Marshall offers a range of ISO-secure, OME-compliant containers specially designed to house and transport hazardous content, including high profile ammunition and explosives, under controlled environmental conditions.

All products are fully temperature- and humidity-controlled, and use high-specification shock-resistant materials that are resistant to extreme conditions.

Our solutions are designed to mitigate critical security, fire safety, electrostatic, electromagnetic fields and environmental hazards.

Available storage solutions include:

  • Basic storage
  • Ammunition storage
  • Chemical storage
  • Weapons storage
  • Explosives storage


Marshall provides deployable C4ISR container systems that meet key requirements for the modern warfighter, enabling multi-domain information acquisition and analysis while coordinating decision-making across the battlespace.

Offering comfortable and protected working areas, our containerised solutions can be equipped to support a diverse set of mission requirements, featuring fully configured staff working environments, back-rack computers and the latest screen monitors.

In addition, our systems require minimal personnel for rapid set-up time and are deployable in all terrains, while also offering optional vehicle mounting for immediate operation or hydraulic leg integration, which enables true adaptability in the field.

  • Operations command centre

    Our operations command centre provides operators with a safe, comfortable and protected workspace that enables armed forces to make important decisions much quicker. This design can be connected with our electronics control centre, so that any source of information may be instantaneously distributed and displayed at any end-point for real-time collaboration and analysis.

  • Electronics equipment centre

    Our electronics control centre design allows for an even distribution of standard 19" racks to house electronics and fibre optics, with directed air cooling to allow even air flow to all racks.

    These can be connected with our operations control centre and combined control centre to enable a scalable, modular and mobile command post.

  • Combined command centre

    Our combined command centre takes the benefits of a fully configured working environment, including back-rack computers and the latest screen monitors, and brings them into one platform.

    View the Combined command centre spec sheet

  • UAS/C-UAS Operations

    Marshall produces a range of containerised solutions that both house and store uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) and offer secure communication infrastructure and data links, enabling faster threat identification and more decisive action in the battlespace. This includes ground control stations, repair workshops, transport and various storage options.

  • Battlespace-deployable uncrewed aerial system (BDUAS)

    BDAUS is a turnkey solution that packs multiple capabilities in only one 20ft expandable shelter, including rotary uncrewed aircraft transport and storage, a heavy duty maintenance and repair workshop, and a remote piloting station for two operators.

    The multi-purpose container provides a large, versatile and environmentally controlled workspace for users, while also supporting rapid deployment and transport via road, sea, rail and air.

Through-life support

Our aim is to provide the highest possible availability of equipment and flexibility of resource through long-term relationships with our customers, combining comprehensive support and expertise.

Our through-life support capabilities include post-design services, integrated logistics support, whole fleet management, training, repair, maintenance and overhaul, reconfiguration, refurbishment, sustainment, mid-life upgrades, spares and obsolescence.

As a result of working with stakeholders as early as possible within the program lifecycle, we identify exactly which elements within a support solutions envelope are most appropriate to our customers’ requirements.

Our experience with our own complex solutions is transferable to externally produced equipment. We understand the design, build and structure of equipment, and through a process of stripping down, refurbishment, rewiring and redesign we are able to re-role, regenerate and refurbish ageing assets to a new standard.

Learn more about our through-life support

Supply chain management

We manage the global supply chain for our deployable infrastructure, leveraging our long-term relationships with equipment and material OEMs to provide the required expertise at the right time in the right place.

Our supply chain processes are audited to exacting industry standards and our extensive knowledge of export regulations, including ITAR, helps ensure we maintain a compliant, sustainable and socially responsible procurement process.

Our warehouse team undertakes all goods receipts, inspection, storage and handling of parts, including dangerous goods.

Skills and training

We are proud of our award-winning apprenticeship scheme that has enabled more than 21,000 people to launch their careers over the years, and are committed to leading the industry in addressing the severe global skills shortage.

Building on the strength of our reputation in this area, Marshall delivers apprenticeships for businesses across the aviation and engineering sectors as well as in-house for our own operations. In addition to apprenticeships, we provide a comprehensive range of technical, regulatory and health and safety training programmes to the civil and military aviation industry.

To learn more about our skills and training offering, click here.

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