From heavy maintenance to hydrogen, from auxiliary fuel tanks to autonomous systems, Marshall has turned decades of aerospace expertise into an exceptionally broad range of products, services and solutions.

Since the opening of our first airfield in 1929, we have grown to support 14 fleet operators around the globe, ensuring their aircraft are always mission-ready and mission-capable.

We are trusted by the world’s largest aerospace and defence OEMs, including Lockheed Martin and Boeing, to independently manufacture major parts and components and perform incredibly complex engineering tasks on their behalf, in addition to serving as a design authority on multiple aircraft types.

Thanks to our industry-leading capabilities in designing, manufacturing, and integrating advanced structures and materials, we are able to take customer products from concept to reality - as well as developing our own range of modular multi-mission systems to enhance the capabilities of military transport aircraft.

Applying our extensive regulatory knowhow and understanding of the latest aviation technologies, we are also exploring new applications of technologies that will define the future of flight, including uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) and hydrogen storage and delivery.

Our capabilities