Power solutions

Power solutions

Recognising power provision as a critical capability in the modern military and security environment, Marshall is bringing new solar power systems and smart grid technologies to its containerised infrastructure products.

Combining traditional and new approaches to standalone power generation, our range of power solutions will enhance the performance and operational capability of our customers.

In addition to providing scalable energy systems that reduce logistical footprints and provide mission flexibility, the environmentally sustainable nature of our power solutions gives them a place on operations and exercises alike.

Microgrid applications

Marshall is developing a smart grid system that will optimise the generation, distribution and use of power across multiple containers and subsystems. This accommodates and combines multiple power sources, including grid power, diesel generators, solar arrays and stored battery power.

The smart grid will be scalable, using networked control links to balance power across multiple nodes. The system will flexibly offer a choice of control options, ranging from full grid automation to user-defined management of individual containers and subsystems.

Given its system integration expertise, Marshall will provide full electrical system design and installation to ensure that the power demanded by the operator is available when required. Any systems provided will, of course, still be fully capable of working in conjunction with traditional diesel power and other microgrids.

Solar applications

Designed to offer battlespace operational advantage through power independence and redundancy, Marshall’s solar power system is now available on a standardised 20 ft container, combining a 2.5 kW array with a 200 Ah battery management system. These provide up to 3.5 hours of power for HVAC, lighting and power outlet subsystems on a full charge.

The battery system can be turbo-charged from the grid or a generator, contributing to multi-spectral camouflage through silent operation when discharging.

Perfectly complementing the strengths of Marshall’s deployable operational infrastructure, the solar power system is mobile, unobtrusive and can be rapidly operational with straightforward set-up. Its low-profile, low-reflectivity panels are ruggedised, lightweight and proven in military use with the U.S Army.

Through-life support

Our aim is to provide the highest possible availability of equipment and flexibility of resource through long-term relationships with our customers, combining comprehensive support and expertise.

Our through-life support capabilities include post-design services, integrated logistics support, whole fleet management, training, repair, maintenance and overhaul, reconfiguration, refurbishment, sustainment, mid-life upgrades, spares and obsolescence.

As a result of working with stakeholders as early as possible within the programme lifecycle, we identify exactly which elements within a support solutions envelope are most appropriate to our customers’ requirements.

Our experience with our own complex solutions is transferable to externally produced equipment. We understand the design, build and structure of equipment, and through a process of stripping down, refurbishment, rewiring and redesign we are able to re-role, regenerate and refurbish ageing assets to a new standard.

Learn more about our through-life support.

Supply chain management

We manage the global supply chain for our vehicle and platform integration projects, leveraging our long-term relationships with equipment and material OEMs to provide the required expertise at the right time in the right place.

Our supply chain processes are audited to exacting industry standards and our extensive knowledge of export regulations, including ITAR, helps ensure we maintain a compliant, sustainable and socially responsible procurement process.

Our warehouse team undertakes all goods receipts, inspection, storage and handling of parts, including dangerous goods.