Marshall Skills Academy Support Marleigh Primary Academy STEM Day

Marshall Skills Academy Support Marleigh Primary Academy STEM Day

On March 3rd, Marshall Skills Academy hosted a workshop as part of the first ever STEM Day at Marleigh Primary Academy—a newly opened school not far from Marshall’s Cambridge headquarters.

In line with the school’s strong commitment to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning across the curriculum, the day featured a series of fun but challenging workshops that drove home the value of instilling a sense of place in students by bringing them into contact with local STEM organisations.

The school was buzzing with an impressive array of activities hosted and supported by a variety of organisations and volunteers. It was encouraging to see the diversity of career opportunities and STEM disciplines showcased to the students from such a young age.

As many of the students are familiar with our work with aircraft, the workshop delivered by Marshall Skills Academy aimed to demonstrate the forces involved in the theory of flight. The students learned about lift, weight, drag and thrust through a series of interactive activities including flying a model aircraft on a wire, levitating ping pong balls, making parachutes and zooming air pressure racers across the room.

The students were enthusiastic, curious and keen to demonstrate their knowledge, which is testament to the fantastic learning environment created for them at Marleigh Primary Academy.

We thoroughly enjoyed delivering the activities and hope to support many more Marleigh Primary Academy STEM events in future.