Tim McTrusty celebrates 30 years with Marshall

Tim McTrusty celebrates 30 years with Marshall

Marshall recently congratulated Marshall Skills Academy Learning Facilitator and Assessor Tim McTrusty on his remarkable 30 years of dedication and service to the company.

Starting as an apprentice in 1993, Tim's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, and builds on an impressive family legacy that has seen three family members rack up a collective 100 years with Marshall.

Tim's connection to aviation and Marshall began with his father's background in the Royal Air Force (RAF) and his early work in Waterbeach. In 1967, Tim's father moved to Marshall, initially working as an aircraft sprayer before taking charge of the heat treatment department up until 2005.

In 1988, Tim's brother Mark joined Marshall as an apprentice, starting in the workshop. Although he later pursued other opportunities, he remained a contractor until 2016, contributing to the company on an ongoing basis.

For Tim, given his family’s longstanding connections to aviation, joining Marshall in 1993 was a natural progression. While many companies in the area at the time were hiring individuals for plumbing and carpentry roles, Marshall was one of only a small handful of businesses in Cambridge dedicated to aerospace, which sparked his interest. Faced with several appealing career options, Tim ultimately chose to embark on an apprenticeship with Marshall, setting the stage for an exceptional career in aviation.

Throughout his 27 years as an engineering technician, Tim has had the privilege of working on a diverse range of aircraft from numerous manufactures, including Airbus, Boeing, Gulfstream, Lockheed, BAE, McDonnell Douglas, Bombardier and his personal favourite aircraft, the Boeing 707 AWACS. His expertise extends to both civil and military aviation, making him a valuable asset to the company and a source of inspiration for our cohorts of aspiring aviation professionals.

Tim has always been driven to share his wealth of experience with others, and recently transitioned into a teaching role with Marshall Skills Academy. This decision coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, which required him to quickly adapt to remote teaching methods. Despite the challenges, Tim ensured that his students received the same level of education and support that he himself benefitted from.

The recent site opening of Marshall Skills Academy’s new Cambridge site has further enhanced Tim's teaching methods, providing him with access to new technology and a larger space for his students to thrive. His expertise in structural work, servicing and modifications for aerospace companies has made him the ideal resource for apprentices.

In his new teaching role and throughout the past 30 years, Tim has enjoyed the opportunity to inspire and educate, particularly in building learner relationships, being open and honest, as he believes this helps learners’ to become more confident in this highly regulated industry. Tim feels his industry experience allows him to relate to his students, having been on the shop floor himself.