Armoured ambulance

Armoured ambulance

Marshalls' stretcher solutions for armoured ambulances can assist rapid casualty evacuation from the battlefield which increase the chance of survival.

Extracting Casualties in The Golden Hour

Fast moving Armoured Warfare requires casualty evacuation which can keep up with the force and provides the crew and casualties with the same levels of protection as the rest of the vehicles. The big challenge on the battlefield is to get a casualty into care and start treatment within the hour, the same Golden Hour that civil Accident and Emergency services aim to achieve.

The Royal Netherlands Army is no different. It required an armoured ambulance to recover wounded soldiers from the battlefield and treat them within the vehicle whilst on transit to the hospital location. The solution had to be based on their fleet of armoured vehicles, the Boxer.

The solution developed by Marshall had to be flexible and easily re-configurable.

The medical system needed to carry:

  • Three stretcher patients or
  • Two stretcher patients and three seated patients or
  • Seven seated patients
  • The reconfiguration had to be done in less than 2 minutes
  • The crew needed to be able to load 3 stretcher patients in 4 minutes
  • The design had to ensure there were no bio entrapment areas and meet the same cleanliness as a civil ambulance
  • In the event of a mine blast, the shock must not be felt by patient in the same way as it must not be felt by seated patients or the vehicle crew

Delivering complex solutions

We have been providing stretcher systems for many years and this system brings together our experience of AFVs and medical equipment to provide a fit-for-purpose solution. The clinical or white space design is highly versatile and can be adapted to carry both stretchers and seated patients whilst still giving the medical assistant room to treat the casualties within the constraints of the vehicle.

We have gained extensive experience of ambulances for the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands, developing systems that allowed medics to load a 95th percentile (heaviest) patient from the rear of the vehicle with ease using a sliding mechanism. Our solution has been proven for ease of use, protection, and most importantly the ability to load patients quickly in a battlefield environment without the needs for complex equipment by people of all sizes and strength.

The design layout of the clinical space allows the medics to provide medical intervention whilst the patient is being transported, it is also designed to allow re-configuration so that up to four medics can provide care to severely injured patients.

Saving Lives

The Royal Netherlands Army has an Armoured Ambulance which can rapidly evacuate casualties with the same level of mobility and protection as the rest of the AFV fleet.

The medics have a significantly improved clinical space layout which provides them with a much better area to care for critically wounded soldiers and start the “Golden Hour” processes which increase the chances of survival.

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