Celebrating 30 years’ service at Marshall!

Celebrating 30 years’ service at Marshall!

On April 27th Marshall held its annual 30 Club meeting, a get-together celebrating the extraordinary employees—current and former—who have achieved more than 30 years of continuous service within the group.

In total, there are now over 1,000 individuals in the 30 Club, which boasts members from across Marshall’s diverse portfolio of business units. Put differently, the combined length of service across all club members is well over 30,000 years.

With over a century of heritage going all the way back to its establishment in 1909 as a garage and chauffeur company, Marshall has a particularly rich story to tell—as well as a firm commitment to its customers, communities, people and planet. To name one of our extraordinary members, Len Sapsford served an impressive 68 years—an achievement followed closely by many others who have reached 60 years with the company.

Hosted by Chief Engineer Mark Johnston, who chairs the 30 Club, yesterday’s meet-up drew over 40 club members and was also joined by Marshall Group CEO Kathy Jenkins and Group Director of External Relations and Communications Christopher Walkinshaw.

It was an honour for Marshall to welcome the 30 Club members back; current employees shared some key business updates, future plans, and some exciting recent projects we’ve been working on—including the freshly unveiled Marshall ARC-Radar, the first in a series of upcoming products from Marshall Aerospace.

“This was our first event in 4 years. It was an absolute pleasure to host, and a great success. We also received some really positive feedback, which is great to hear from people who know the business back to front,” said Mark.

“It’s extremely important to us that our members know how valuable they have been in our extraordinary story. Their wealth of knowledge and passion for Marshall is inspiring.”

Reflecting on the privilege of being 30 Club Chair, Mark continued “I am extremely proud to have taken on this role. It’s a pleasure to be able to bring our members together.

“The pandemic made it difficult for us to facilitate a gathering for our club members, so it was wonderful to welcome them back to reminisce on fond memories.”