Enhancing the forward presence

Enhancing the forward presence

Armed forces are constantly refining how they move, supply, and maintain their personnel and equipment. It’s clear for all to see from recent exercises and modern warfare, that a successful logistical plan is integral to a successful mission, whether it takes place on a national or multi-national stage.

Today’s structure for force deployment involves building a large central command post or hub far from the front lines, before deploying operations forward. However, new and emerging threats have highlighted the importance of keeping forces mobile, and the way logisticians plan and implement their strategies must adapt accordingly.

Capability and equipment now needs to be regularly relocated and flexible, as well as being dispersed much more widely and at pace - all while remaining digitally connected and continuously maintaining compliance and certification.

Adjusting to this more modern and complex approach carries its own risks – not least increasing the number of potential points of failure and creating an overall larger logistical footprint. While new and proven technology is out there to be exercised, it still needs to be proven on an integrated, scalable and multi-national level.

Advances in platform connectivity via cloud technology and the ever-growing line-up of Internet of Things (IoT), as exemplified by Marshall’s Health and Usage Monitoring System, are enabling military users to remotely monitor and control their systems from one central location, which in turn helps them to plan and manage the movement and availability of their equipment.

The same system from Marshall incorporates machine learning to identify when to automatically turn off and power up connected systems and equipment, taking operational behaviours into account. This not only saves money and energy, but can ultimately reduce the likelihood of infra-red detection.

This level of data-centric maintenance compliments the in-depth through-life support services that make Marshall the partner of choice to solve military logistical challenges.

In addition, Marshall has decades of experience designing, developing and integrating complex sub-systems into a wide range of platforms including land vehicles and other base structures, such as their own range of award-winning deployable infrastructure (DI). From one-off modifications to fleetwide projects, Marshall works closely with targeted partners to select, validate and install sub-systems and technologies in the most appropriate and effective manner, applying meticulous attention to detail and rigorous project management to ensure that all technical, cost and programmatic considerations are accounted for.

Some of Marshall’s vehicle partners to date include Mercedes, Scania, Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV), Mack Defence, IVECO, Thales, Force Protection and Renault.

To further support combat engineers and logisticians, Marshall offers a range of mobile DI to meet general-purpose needs. This range includes heavy duty repair and other maintenance workshops, additive manufacturing, staff working environments, accommodation, ammunition/weapon storage, and a variety of medical configurations such as laboratories and an award-winning deployable CT scanner.

Marshall has recently been selected as preferred bidder for Canada’s flagship Logistics Vehicle Modernization (LVM) project, alongside General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada (GDLS-Canada) and other members of the “Power Team.”

The LVM project will deliver the replacement for the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) existing fleet of logistics vehicles, which can be used to transfer resources, personnel and military assets during domestic and international operations and training exercises.

With GDLS-Canada serving as prime integrator, Marshall will produce a range of interchangeable containerised mission modules capable of being mounted onto Mercedes-Benz Zetros trucks, which will provide the common vehicle chassis across all configurations.

On March 12th through 14th, Marshall will be exhibiting at Combat Engineer & Logistics in Warsaw to discuss its portfolio of capabilities designed to support the global combat engineer through their logistical challenges.

You can meet up with Marshall on booth #39.