Extraordinary People - Georgina Scott-Wilds drives a ‘trailblazing’ approach on our Aerospace apprenticeship approach

Extraordinary People - Georgina Scott-Wilds drives a ‘trailblazing’ approach on our Aerospace apprenticeship approach

Georgina has transformed the Aerospace apprenticeship approach whilst also taking an active role in UK industry Trailblazers - defining new standards on apprentice skills and behaviours in the Aerospace sector.

Georgina Scott-Wilds didn’t have a traditional start for someone leading apprentice development in Marshall Aerospace – she did a BA Hons degree in Fine Art - Sculpture but she highlights “That did help reinforce my passion as to how much I enjoy making and fixing things.” This interest led to her first job as an apprentice fitter working on huge GE CF6-50 Gas Turbine engines, but then joined Marshall on an adult training programme - eventually becoming a qualified airframe and engine fitter.

Georgina’s passion and interest in the business soon led to further opportunities to develop as a team supervisor. While in this role, Georgina was given further opportunities in the wider business including a secondment supporting the apprenticeship and coordinating a recruitment process for a cohort of apprentices. It made her realise she really enjoyed this but couldn’t give it the justice it deserved to ensure its success, just on a part time basis. With Aerospace leadership support, she then transitioned to wholly managing the apprentice programme in the Aerospace business.

Georgina explains:

“The Marshall Skills Academy acts as the apprentice training provider, whereas my role is to manage the apprentices day-to-day on the employing business side to support their development towards completing their end-point assessment, as they aspire to become qualified fitters. Working with our Team Leaders, I have to ensure the apprentices are effectively line managed and developed to help ensure their future success.”

Trailblazers is the Institute for Apprenticeships name for its group of industry champions that are developing the level 3 Engineering Technician apprenticeship standards - focusing on the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours apprentices need to succeed.

Georgina highlights:

“It’s not just about making sure apprentices are technically competent, it’s equally important they develop behaviours that makes them effective in how they work and they are great people to work with. They should have a positive outlook and eagerness to learn.”

Georgina is working with her counterparts across aerospace businesses like BAE Systems, to develop these level 3 standards ready for use across our sector in 2023. The Royal Aeronautical Society is actively engaged to review the approach and are also involved in the end-point assessment of all apprentices.

What does her manager, Steven Ward (Head of Supply Chain) have to say on Georgina's efforts?

Georgina has made such a huge impact to our Aerospace apprentice approach, her endless energy, enthusiasm and professionalism continues to make a difference!

In a sector where the demand for skilled engineers and technicians is increasing, it’s important we have an effective apprenticeship programme to help support our future business growth. Georgina is really making a difference and helping set new industry standards in the process. A true Trailblazer!