Marshall Enabling Global Response to Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Marshall Enabling Global Response to Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

The world has been responding to the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria by providing humanitarian aid and medical supplies to increase critical care support, with a lot of these goods and personnel being transported via the reliable C-130 Hercules aircraft.

Marshall Aerospace have teams embedded around the world supporting our C-130 customers to minimize aircraft downtime and provide predictable maintenance to ensure their assets are ready when required.

One example of this is Dominic Judd, a Field Service Representative based in Bangladesh to support their five C-130Js.

Dominic said, “The Bangladesh air force has two C-130s on duty supporting the earthquake stricken areas. One of them went to Syria to deliver medicine, dry food and blankets to help the locals. The other has gone to Turkey with the same supplies but also tents and a team of 46 Army/Fire and rescue team to help. I am so proud to be part of the Marshall effort in supporting our customers doing such great things at a time of need.”

Marshall were also required to give an almost instant response to a request for support for the RNLAF (Royal Netherlands Air Force).

“We received an urgent request for support to allow an aircraft to continue humanitarian aid operations in Turkey. Within minutes of my request for support, they gave me the advice and information I needed to be able to confirm to the customer that their aircraft was indeed safe to continue operations.” Said Mark Allum, Technical Support Specialist.

Marshall often get urgent requests for support which requires the company to allocate their resources efficiently and at speed.

Another customer, the Norwegian Air Force, has sent one of its large C-130J Hercules transport planes to Turkey, being referred to as ‘The Flying Ambulance”. The aircraft and its medical personnel are helping evacuate victims from the affected areas to better-equipped medical facilities within Turkey and to transport emergency aid. This is reducing the pressure on first responders and aid agencies in the worst-affected areas.

Army Medical specialists from the UK Royal Air Force also transitioned to Turkey with a deployable medical treatment facility which was brought into country on a C-130J Hercules. The facility had an Intensive Care Unit, surgical bay and emergency department to provide urgent medical care to those who need it most. They were joined by more 16 Medical Regiment and RAF Medical Services personnel to increase capacity to provide urgent care.

Whether Marshall are delivering planned line maintenance at minor and primary intervals, major checks, drop-ins or full-scale aircraft modifications, they work as a unified team to ensure that they turn aircraft around as quickly as possible, maximising fleet efficiency and helping to keep customers mission ready.