Marshall Land Systems and Expandable to jointly develop hydraulic legs for containerized infrastructure

Marshall Land Systems and Expandable to jointly develop hydraulic legs for containerized infrastructure

Marshall Land Systems and Expandable B.V. today announced an agreement to collaborate on the development of a rapidly deployable hydraulic leg system for containerized operational infrastructure.

The addition of ruggedized hydraulic legs as a “custom option” will enable Marshall Land Systems’ standardized 10-foot containers, 20-foot containers, and expandable containers to self-lift and self-lower, providing a highly cost-effective enhancement to overall mobility, ease of deployment/relocation, and reducing logistic footprints.

Gary Moynehan, Managing Director of Marshall Land Systems, said “We’re delighted to be partnering with Expandable with their world-renowned reputation and engineering skills to co-develop this technology for our customers around the globe.

“Our award-winning deployable infrastructure provides a range of highly mobile and versatile solutions to overcome the many operational and logistical challenges currently facing armed forces with lessons evident from Ukraine. Adding this new solution to our custom offering portfolio will enable end users to deploy from a vehicle-mounted position to a fully self-leveled and operational state more rapidly than ever.”

Thanks to the ingenious hydraulic system and wireless remote control, the jointly developed legs will allow Marshall Land Systems’ containerized infrastructure to be more flexible to deploy and be operational within 15 minutes not requiring cranes or forklifts.

Expandable Trailers, the manufacturer of these containerized systems, is content with this cooperation, according to Berrie Rieswijk. “We’ve been given the opportunity to apply our knowledge and know-how in a field where materials are really put to the test”, says Expandable’s sales director. “We hope to be a part of a growing market that creates new opportunities for the target audience, just like we realized with ‘Expandable – movable spaces’. We are proud that Marshall sees us as one of the forerunners in the field of rapidly movable units.”

Expandable’s drive to innovate was a natural fit for Marshall’s containerized infrastructure. A prototype has now been created, and the two companies will now work together on testing and further product integration and bring it to market in early 2024.

Key Features

  • Operational and transportable in ambient temperature range of -51/+55 °C
  • Able to self-level on a 5-degree slope
  • Can be powered/charged by a 400v AC 50Hz container power system
  • Wireless hand-held control system can be operated safely for loading and unloading from a vehicle
  • Compatible with nine-high container stacking
  • Manual override function to jack the system in case of power failure
  • Minimum jacking height of 1700mm on a 5-degree slope
  • Maintains multi-modal transportation in C130, on trucks and for maritime shipping