Marshall of Cambridge (Holdings) Ltd Board Change

Marshall of Cambridge (Holdings) Ltd, a leader in engineering excellence for the aerospace, defence and logistics industries and Cambridge property development, announces that James Buxton DL FRICS will retire from the Board of Directors at the Company’s next Annual General Meeting. James was appointed to the Board in 2014 as a non-executive director. Having served his three terms, his appointment was extended by a year to help facilitate the search for, and hand over to, his successor Nick Shattock, who joined the Board in October 2023.

Jonathan Flint, Chair, said “With his 40 years’ of experience in the national property market, James has been an invaluable source of market knowledge and development experience. He has helped guide Marshall’s successful Marleigh development and made a significant contribution to the Board’s initial planning for the future Cambridge East development. We are grateful for his counsel over the years and welcome his continued input as a director of the subsidiary property companies.”