Saab Signs Deployable Health Capability Contract with Strategic Partner Marshall

Saab Signs Deployable Health Capability Contract with Strategic Partner Marshall

Saab Australia (Saab) has moved a step closer to delivery of Australia’s deployable health capability (JP2060 Phase 3) with the signing of an AUD 8.28 million contract with key technology supplier and capability partner, Marshall.

Under the contract, applied-engineering firm Marshall will deliver three of its award-winning Marshall Military CT scanners for use as part of the deployable medical modules being delivered by Saab to the Australian Defence Force under the JP2060 Phase 3 project.

Once operational and deployed, the scanners will enable field medical staff to create detailed diagnostic images of patients – enabling immediate and accurate treatment in the field.

Andy Keough CSC, Saab Australia Managing Director, says:

“Safe, effective and reliable medical equipment is critical to Australia’s deployable health capability in ensuring world-class clinical care,

“That’s why we’re delighted to have Marshall Land Systems on board. They are a leading supplier of proven deployable health systems and their CT scanners are currently being used by armed forces across the globe.”

Saab signed a contract with the Australian Department of Defence in 2020 to deliver more than 550 deployable health modules. The AUD 370 million order is to be fulfilled between 2020 and 2024. Modules within the program will include features such as surgical theatres, x-ray, CT scanning and ultrasound equipment, and trauma, intensive care and ward units.

Marshall Land Systems Managing Director Ray Cutting says the scanners being supplied for the project have a proven operational record in the most hostile of environments.

“I am delighted that Saab Australia has decided to partner with us on this critical element of the JP2060 Phase 3 program,

“Our innovative and award-winning CT scanner system is designed to meet clinicians’ needs for the highest quality diagnostic imagery, even in the most austere environments, and can be operational within four hours of arrival on site.”

Mr Cutting says the benefit of having access to CT imagery in the field cannot be overstated.

“The unit will give military surgeons vital CT imagery on deployed operations to quickly and accurately diagnose trauma for severely injured patients. Potentially, more lives will be saved.”

The CT units are being supplied in the United Kingdom by Philips and will be maintained in Australia by the locally based Philips team.

CT scanners combine a series of x-ray images and use computer processing power to create cross sections of targeted body parts. This allows medical staff to view bones, blood vessels and soft tissues inside the body.

Saab and Marshall are currently exhibiting at DSEI 2021 in London, where visitors are welcome to learn more about these capabilities. Meet the Saab experts at stand H7-110 to learn more about Saab’s deployable health capability, or the Marshall team at stand H2-552, to learn more about Marshall’s CT scanner solutions.