What’s in an anniversary

What’s in an anniversary

Supporting the Lockheed Martin C-130 aircraft is in our blood – for over a quinquagenary (50 years anniversary) we have led the way in understanding everything about this incredible aircraft, developing new capabilities and delivering innovative levels of availability.

So, what happens when one of our customers wants to develop a capability programme to support their fleet of legacy aircraft?

The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) came to us and wanted to develop a C-130 fleet management and maintenance programme to deliver a specialised training programme. The aim was to ensure the upskilling of the existing teams, to understand the ongoing maintenance requirements of their legacy C-130 fleet of aircraft and ensure continued operation of their fleet beyond 2020.

Innovation is the lifeblood of our business and we designed and deliver a unique programme that is now in its quadrennial (fourth year anniversary). We have trained over 180 RMAF personnel through our AeroAcademy business that has been responsible for our hugely successful Apprentice programme for nearly a century; after the training, the engineering teams are able to contribute to the RMAF C-130 fleet availability and readiness.

Mission complete and working towards our decennial anniversary.