Providing a single support framework for the UK MoD

Providing a single support framework for the UK MoD

Working with the UK Ministry of Defence and industry, Marshall has been able to reduce costs, increase availability and extend in-service life of a wide range of shelter systems by as much as seven years.

Reducing costs, reducing contracts

Utilising Five Design Authority roles and nine in-service contracts to deliver support for its fleet of shelters was costing the UK Ministry of Defence both time and money. Working closely with two key partners we have been able to consolidate into a single framework that provides an integrated package of Contractor Logistics Support.

Life extended

Our partnership works with the United Kingdom Defence Equipment and Support Operational Infrastructure Programme to support a range of containerised deployable systems.

Our in-depth knowledge of shelter based systems in-service with the British Army enabled us to start work immediately after contract award and consequently the MoD was able to declare Full Operational Capability only a few months later.

“The successful start of Project Amphora has been achieved through considerable effort in building a strong working relationship between MoD and industry and a collective focus on delivering the best possible service to our Front Line Commands.”

The Head of the MoD’s Defence and Equipment and Support (DE&S) Infrastructure Programme

Some of the key activities under Contractor Logistics Support are:

  • Set-price call-off tasks
  • Spares and variable price tasks
  • Ad hoc repair
  • Post-deployment regeneration
  • Upgrades
  • Re-roles
  • Maintaining safety cases
  • Technical documentation
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Calibration
  • Certification
  • Training
  • Asset management

Financial and delivery efficiencies achieved

We have worked on 13 different shelter systems, refurbishing and bringing the systems up to the latest standards. Among the systems that have received life extensions are Tardis, a mobile intelligence system, the Power Pack Repair Facility (PPRF), which the team has re-generated and brought up to the latest electrical standards and the Deployable Engineering Workshop which has similarly had its life extended. The implementation of the Contractor Logistics Support provides agility, flexibility and a model for the changes that will occur in the support of the UK armed forces.

“Amphora has delivered significant financial and delivery efficiencies in its initial four-year term, benefitting all our Front Line Commands; it was an obvious choice to extend the contract to build on these early successes. I look forward to our teams continuing to work together to achieve even more over the coming years.”

Sam Rawle

Head of Operational Infrastructure, DE&S (MoD’s procurement body)

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