• ISR Radar - Adaptable Rolefit Capability (ARC)

    The Marshall ARC Radar is a palletised modular sensor suite that allows operators of tactical transport aircraft to rapidly and temporarily outfit their fleet for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. The role-fit system is fully installable in under 2 hours and requires no permanent modifications to the aircraft.

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  • C-130 Hercules Lightweight Armour

    As the requirement for aircraft to operate within hostile and combat environments increases, there is a growing need to provide lightweight ballistic protection for aircrew to ensure survivability and mission success without compromising operational capability. The enhanced threat from light ground-to-air small arms fire is proving to be the greatest challenge for many operators deployed within these zones, making the protection of flight crew and critical aircraft systems vital to mission effectiveness.

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  • AeroMedical Evacuation System (AMES)

    Provides medium / high dependency patients with the optimum chance of survival during transportation by air. High medical specification developed alongside medical experts and C-130 operators.

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  • Multiplatform cargo winch

    Enhances an Operators capability inventory to facilitate the pulling of heavy loads. The reduction in aircraft time-on-ground increases on-time-delivery in the transportation of critical cargo.

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  • Lilypad (UAS)

    A network of resident autonomous UAVs accelerating offshore renewable energy growth by delivering data-driven dynamic inspection services.

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Land and maritime

  • Operational infrastructure

    Based in the UK, Canada, Netherlands and Middle East, Marshall specialises in the design and production of industry leading operational infrastructure and mission systems, providing critical infrastructure that supports humanitarian, defence and security operations across the globe for over 75 years.

    We design, develop, manufacture, test and support operational infrastructure to provide rapid deployments of military and civilian capability to operations worldwide. The products we make comply with standards in the most highly regulated markets, and support operations in the most extreme of environments.

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  • Advanced Containerised CT Scanner (CCTS)

    The Marshall Advanced Containerised CT Scanner (CCTS) is delivered in partnership with leading healthcare specialists, Philips and provides military medical organisations with a full body scan capability, which is highly mobile, rapidly deployable and can handle the most demanding operational environments.

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  • Deployable Command and Control (C2)

    The Marshall and Thinklogical Deployable Command & Control (C2) containerised solution provides a modular and flexible system enabling rapid mobility, multi-domain intelligence and data recovery. Deployable C2 is available in a range of configurations to meet a diverse set of mission requirements, from fully configured staff working environments, back-rack computers and the latest screen monitors alongside EMC, CBRN and ballistic protection.

    Requiring minimal personnel for rapid set-up time and deployable in all terrains, Deployable C2 has the option of vehicle mounting for immediate operation or hydraulic leg integration into the container, which enables true adaptability in the field.

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  • Deployable Command, Operation, and Maintenance System (DCOMS)

    The Marshall DCOMS containerized system provides a modular and flexible solution enabling rapid mobility, sortie generation, and recovery.

    DCOMS is available in a range of configurations to meet a diverse set of mission requirements, from fully configured maintenance workshops with specialist tooling to basic storage solutions for primary spares.

    Requiring minimal set-up time and deployable in all terrains with the option of vehicle mounting for immediate operation, the DCOMS solution enables true adaptability in the field.

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  • Managed support services

    Whether it be ad-hoc support, spares, preventative or corrective maintenance, training services, post design services, re-rolling of old systems, or full availability contracting - we deliver.

    Our flexibility and high levels of customer satisfaction are standard practise, with services scaled to meet customer need, budget, and appetite for responsibility.

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